Back in November, Xperia Studio challenged Tom Harper to make a film  –  the only limitation being that whatever he films must be shot on the Xperia phones.

The end result is ‘The Swarm’; a short film about an alien invasion in London shot entirely on Xperia arc s phones.  Directed by BAFTA nominated director Tom Harper, who helmed The Scouting Book For Boys,  Misfits, and The Borrowers, the BBC’s Christmas blockbuster.  It was co-written by Geoff Bussetil and Daniel Kaluuya, both of Skins fame.

It was important for Tom not to use the phones as a simple ‘camera replacement’. Instead he thought about how people used camera phones, which is why every story arc begins in a place where the character would naturally be using their phone (fireworks, for example). The end result, is hopefully a piece of fiction that’s slightly more real, slightly scary and a little bit unusual – we are very used to seeing natural or real YouTube footage in this way, but not so much with works of fiction or entertainment.

Hope you enjoy the short film, which you can view below.