The poorest blockbuster opening of the Summer so far heads up a chart filled with mainstays this week.

1. Green Lantern (478) W/E: £2,472,969 NEW

2. Kung Fu Panda 2 (512) W/E: £2,277,474 Total: £9,241,635

3. Bad Teacher (427) W/E: £1,958,656 NEW

4. The Hangover Part 2 (476) W/E: £1,504,318 Total: £29,456,684

5. X-Men: First Class (459) W/E: £1,219,141 Total: £12,403,399

6. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (423) W/E: £917,188 Total: £31,040,011

7. Senna (185) W/E: £376,286 Total: £1,759,721

8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules (406) W/E: £227,995 Total: £4,686,040

9. Potiche (32) W/E: £201,588 NEW

10. Honey 2 (294) W/E: £176,140 Total: £935,296

Source: The Guardian

Warner’s Green Lantern follows up its somewhat disappointing US result last weekend with an even more disappointing one here, the film posting the lowest opening gross of any “blockbuster” so far this year with Fast Five, Thor, Pirates, The Hangover 2 and X-Men: First Class all doing better, even when you take their preview days out of the equation. The poorly reviewed film didn’t get much help from 3D charges either it would seem and appears to spell trouble for this fledgling franchise. Thankfully for Warner, they’ve got no direct competition this coming weekend but have exactly 1 week to make money before Bayhem ensues at the box office from next Wednesday. As a sign of the little confidence in the film, the site I work at is scaling back 3D showings of Lantern and putting on extra shows of Panda 3D in its place from Friday.

Speaking of the Panda, considering the 5 days of previews bolted onto last week’s opening total, the film held up well enough in the UK, dropping less than two-third’s and nearing the £10 million mark already. Paramount will be counting on the international success of the film after its lacklustre US performance but the UK seems to be holding their end of the bargain on this one. With little out to challenge it for a primarily kiddie audience until Potter and Cars get more installments in mid-July, we can expect this to be a high flyer for a while yet. Indeed, the only kinda-sort of competition the film has got comes next week but from the very same studio! The film will be getting to around £20 million or so by the end of its run I reckon, though Cars 2 will likely destroy it. A fate I have a feeling will be unfair…

Sony had a bit of a success in moving Bad Teacher away from this weekend it would seem as Bad Teacher made nearly £2 million, a total not to be sniffed at when considering the 15-cert nature of the film and the fact that Justin Timberlake aside, the cast aren’t exactly white-hot stars, and even he is still unproven as a box office draw. The film, which I thought was OK enough, should have a pretty big drop this coming weekend as buzz spreads for Bridesmaids but with an opening like this, Sony won’t be embarrassed. The film opens in the US this weekend against Cars 2 and I’d think it will do pretty damn well as counter-programming over there.

The Hangover Part 2 apparently gained screens over the weekend but still dropped nearly 50% though it had some direct competition from the aforementioned Bad Teacher. That the film is still making decent money 4 weeks out of the gate is a sign that critics be damned on this one for sure, as it even has a chance of passing Pirates 4 to become the highest grossing film in the UK so far this year. Absolutely bloody mind-blowing and a good cushion for Warner to rest on after the performance of Green Lantern. A third part in 2013 then surely? X-Men: First Class also takes a close to 50% tumble and like the last film, it had direct competition. X-Men will win this particular war though with no real hope for Green Lantern offered to ever think of passing the 2D only film’s gross in the UK and maybe the US too.

The Pirates take a smaller drop than most this weekend, but also shed a lot of screens, and continues to be a box office titan. Now well over a month into its run, the film has weathered the storm of a lot of competition and will maybe exceed the totals of all of them. Potter will likely better it in the long run but with a few weeks until that juggernaut is released, Disney have still got some smooth sailing ahead yet, the film likely still being in the chart when their own Cars 2 arrives in a month’s time. One of the current big successes Senna expanded over 60 screens this past weekend and only suffered a small drop. As discussed last week, the word-of-mouth on this one is carrying it to a tidy sum at the UK Box Office and will likely be the documentary story of the year with the film set to expand further this coming Friday and more money to be offered yet.

The Wimpy Kid drops just over 50% but has already fought the good fight, not much more to say on that one, but Optimum will be very pleased with the strong debut of limited release Potiche from Francois Ozon. Strangely, awareness for the film may have been increased by the fact that it’s the subject of the current Orange ad that runs before most films in cinemas in the UK but the good reviews will have very much helped also. With a smaller screen count than The Beaver, the film managed to take nearly £150,000 more than that film this past weekend, The Beaver having a terrible time by the way. Honey 2 finishes us off for the week with the biggest % drop in the chart this week and will only just get over the £1 million mark before it leaves cinemas. Why didn’t it just go straight to video?

With Bad Teacher opening early, the only wide release of note this weekend comes for Universal’s heavily buzzed about Bridesmaids which has done amazing business at the US Box Office and with the amount of “talker” screenings they have been doing for this film pre-release, Universal are obviously confident about its chances. The film will also work as decent counter-programming over the next few weeks so look for this one to be in the upper echelons of the chart for a while to come. Oh, and by the way it’s very fucking good.

More next week!