Only one new entry in what was a fairly steady weekend at the UK Box Office.

Apologies for not getting this up sooner, that pesky thing called life rather got in the way…

1. Thor (472 screens) W/E: £1,360,418 Total: £11,824,445

2. Fast Five (454) W/E: £1,155,540 Total: £16,340,867

3. Attack The Block (352) W/E: £1,133,859 NEW (Includes W/Th previews)

4. Insidious (337) W/E: £963,963 Total: £5,520,636

5. Hanna (420) W/E: £821,081 Total: £2,553,101

6. Water For Elephants (460) W/E: £695,631 Total: £2,594,104

7. Rio (476) W/E: £592,142 Total: £11,723,578

8. Something Borrowed (365) W/E: £489, 848 Total: £1,596,082

9. Priest 3D (242) W/E: £202,483 Total: £844,103

10. Arthur (192) W/E: £151,755 Total: £3,299,388

Source: UK Film Council

The top of the chart remains much the same as last week as Thor and Fast Five take the top 2 positions staying the same for the 3rd weekend. Both had similar drops of around 30% or so and are showing some good legs thanks to positive word-of-mouth and a rather anemic week for new releases which also saw Take Me Out Tonight not even come close to the Ten. There’s not a great deal more to say about these films but with more blockbuster entertainment now hitting every week for the next little while, we may start to see these decline a bit faster, though given Thor’s 3D screen count is about to be very much lowered, it may be Fast Five which sees the better legs overall.

Number 3 sees this week’s only new entry for the heavily marketed Attack The Block which grossed over a million in 5 days which Optimum should be happy enough with considering the fact that it’s not exactly a film for all audiences. Saying this, reviews have generally been positive and its done well enough that it won’t have to worry about shedding too many screens over the next couple of weeks. It won’t do Pegg/Frost/Wright numbers but for a harder sell from an unproven filmmaker, it is a decent enough start, though it’s got a ways to go before earning back its £8 million budget. Insidious continues its impressive run in the chart and on Friday it was actually the number 1 film in the UK before giving way to broader films over the whole weekend. By the time you read this, it will have also overtaken Scream 4′s overall gross, something that I bet distributors Momentum would never have counted on before release. Word-of-mouth is a hard thing to come by for horror but Insidious has it, and is taking some great grosses as a result.

Hanna has a decent less than 30% drop in its 2nd week, the film still playing ultra wide on over 400 screens and benefiting from the British connection for both the talent in front and behind the camera, including not only director Joe Wright but the Chemical Brothers who provide the music also. Hanna has been a quiet little earner in the US, and it looks to be the same over here, something which personally delights me. Swapping places with Hanna, Fox’s Water For Elephants sees a far harsher drop though last week’s result included 2 days of previews. I can’t help but think that May was the wrong month to release this though as the multiplex audiences look to the “big” films and not literary adaptations which while being glossy, don’t quite get the reach they would if released in the autumn. It has done over £2 million which isn’t too bad for a film with an overly female reach, but the screen count could well start getting squeezed now, something which may see the film drop fast.

Better news for Fox is Rio which posts again the lowest week-by-week drop off in the Ten. The film has been hanging around in the lower reaches of the chart for a couple of weeks now but any 3D screens it has now will surely be lost this coming weekend as Jack Sparrow returns and Thor takes the smaller screens Rio would have been occupying over the weekend. Considering its rather tepid opening before Easter though, Fox will be glad Rio turned out to have some legs. Also showing stronger legs in its 2nd week than I had expected is Something Borrowed which also only dipped around 30%, which considering the poor reviews and the generally decent notices Water For Elephants has got, is something of a result for distributors Entertainment. With nothing out squarely aimed at its audience this weekend, Borrowed may be able to get one more decent weekend but then I know many ladies who like the charms of Johnny Depp..

Still in the Ten thanks to the quiet new release week more than anything else, Priest makes what will be its last appearance here, dipping around 50% and not even making £1 million in 2 weeks, quite the disappointment for a 3D action film from a major studio. As I said last week, the lack of 2D prints has rather undone Priest and this will only get worse this weekend as screens will be cut with viciousness. After all if you were a cinema manager and could show either Thor or Priest, what would you want? Also making a farewell appearance is Arthur which will be out of screens in the next couple of weeks. Not a total bomb but not anything close to a real success, which could lead to Russell Brand not getting any more lead gigs for a while. Unless it’s as an animated rabbit..

The blockbuster season revs up again this week as Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides unleashes waves of boredom over audiences in virtually every cinema in the country, but we also have some potentially strong counter-programming with Lionsgate’s Blitz offering The Stath doing Dirty Harry, Optimum will be hoping to scare up some cash with the Guillermo del Toro produced thriller Julia’s Eyes and Fox aim for those who like smart laughs with Tom McCarthy’s new effort Win Win. Pirates will rule over all this weekend though I expect Blitz to make a Mechanic sized debut while Win Win may just hit the lower reaches of the Ten. Julia’s Eyes won’t show up I’m sure but it will make decent enough coin, although not nearly as much as The Orphanage which turned out to be a bit of a crossover hit a few years back.

More next week!