This week on Trailer Talk: Stealing fire, rising dark and harming less.


I will admit the trailer reveals just a little bit too much; not enough to kill my anticipation for the film, a good film should function even if you know everything that happens. I can re-watch Alien and still react in all the ways Ridley Scott intended because it’s a masterful manipulation of mood.

The clip reveals a little more about how the Space Jockeys (plural this time, that might be a spoiler), which I don’t mind, but I almost wish I hadn’t seen the creature that attacks one of the crew of the Prometheus. That moment would probably reduce me to a gibbering wreck in a darkened cinema but if the film is any good, I’m sure it will still work.

How it connects to the xenomorph species (if at all) remains to be seen and it may well by just one creature of many that terrorizes our overly nosey space archaeologists, so I’m not prepared to write off this trailer just yet because it’s such a well made trailer. It slowly begins to ramp up before the rhythm begins to hit the intensity of a heart attack.

This feature has existed long enough to teach us that trailers can honestly reflect the quality of the film or they can deceive, their only focus is the sale. If Prometheus is a bad movie they have performed a deception worthy of the Devil himself, I can’t see a single element of this production that raises concerns. It looks gorgeous, the sets are stunning (and largely practical), the cast is worthy of being compared to the cast of Alien, and it looks scary as hell.

If we walk away from Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction/horror in a fog of disappointment, the one thing we won’t be able to fault is the marketing. From the stunningly cut trailers to the detailed, rich, world-building viral marketing campaign, Prometheus has really gone above and beyond in selling this film to a usually prequel-phobic audience.



The tone of this trailer is just smothered in foreboding, you can practically taste the impending doom in every frame. The story being told certainly doesn’t paint an optimistic picture for Gotham and it’s Dark Knight.

Bane and his army of mercenaries and killers are a different breed of enemy, whereas The Joker enjoyed the fun of the threat, watching people squirm and lash out before he even thought about unleashing hell, Bane simply unleashes it. We see Gotham being torn to pieces and the unmistakable image of a broken Bat, with Bruce Wayne in the clutches of Bane.

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s part appears to be a lot bigger than I expected, which has lead to a lot of speculation about just how important his role is in Nolan’s re-worked Batman saga. Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman seems solid, though I’m not entirely sure how she will fit into the action.

Bane’s voice (which I never really had a problem with originally, save for two lines in the IMAX prologue) appears to have been massively tweaked. I can’t tell if they’ve just tweaked the audio or taken the more drastic step of doing some ill-fitting ADR work with Tom Hardy.

The film looks as stunning as you would expect from a Wally Pfister shoot and my mind boggles at the thought of some of the key shots in this trailer playing out on an IMAX screen, where 60 minutes of the films footage was shot on IMAX cameras.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble has set the bar high for the superhero genre this summer, somehow Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises still manages to feel every bit as epic despite a narrower scope. The race for summer champion is far from over, trailers like this and Prometheus only prove that.


Yeah. This is a piece of Christian propaganda posing as a found footage horror. The story revolves around a family that become terrorized by an evil presence when a box of pornography enters their house. Haunted porn. I’m just astounded by it, I almost love it.

2008′s Fireproof hinged the major marital conflict of the story around Kirk Cameron’s character watching internet porn. The brilliance of this moment is that, because it’s a Christian movie and extra sensitive about offending other Christians, it danced around the terminology of porn.

I’m not sure how Harmless will get around having to show porn, even in magazine form (yes, kids, we used to get our pornography in paper periodicals). At least Harmless has the sheer nerve to say the word “pornography”, which gives the whole porn literally ruins lives story a little more credibility.

If you have some money spare and recently suffered a debilitating stroke, you can donate funds towards the production of Harmless via Kickstarter.

Trailer courtesy of Badass Digest.