Not twenty four hours ago I was sat in a cinema waiting for Warrior to start. Two hours and twenty minutes later my face was a mess of tears, snot and bits of tissue. My name is Kurt and I cry at films.

That’s a pretty obvious statement, we’ve all cried at films and anyone who says they haven’t is either a liar or is incapable of understanding how those pictures are moving. The history of cinema is chock full of films that make people cry, whether they be established tear jerkers like Bambi or something a lot less obvious like Das Boot.

Below are a few films that make me cry, regardless of how many times I’ve seen them. Spoilers are kept to a minimum but tread carefully.


There’s a least one moment in every Pixar film that puts a lump in the dead centre of my throat and whilst Carl and Ellie Fredricksen’s life in montage in Up or Sully saying goodbye to Boo in Monsters Inc always get me, Anton Ego’s flash back in Ratatouille hits me for six every time. However, it doesn’t get me because it’s sad, quite the opposite, it’s because of how incredibly beautiful it is. Tasting Remy’s ratatouille makes Ego have a life changing experience which transports us to a far flung corner of his memory and we see him enjoying a similar meal, lovingly prepared by his mother, which makes us see the gastronomic antagonist in a completely different light.

Rocky II

I’m sure a few of you out there, mostly the guys, have shed a tear over Rocky II, but what does it for me? Is it the birth of Rocky Jnr? Rocky finally overcoming Apollo Creed? Is it the battered and bloodied bastard shouting “Yo Adrian. I DID IT!” No. For some reason, don’t ask me why, when Rocky is doing a reprise of his famous run from the first film and hundreds of school children join in, I sob like a bitch. I think it’s because it perfectly encapsulates how much everyone loves him and wants to succeed. I could genuinely be the only person in the world this feels this way about that scene.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

The last hour of Return of the King makes me weep almost continuously, what with Theoden’s death and Aragorn’s speech to his men of the west at the Black Gate of Mordor, who stand united despite the fact they face almost certain doom. Both of these moments are beautifully captured, but none so more than the newly crowned Aragorn bowing to the hobbits. It’s a combination of how solemnly he tells them “My friends, you bow to no one”, the huddled masses of Minas Tirith following their king as he bows to the halflings and Howard Shore’s Oscar winning score that makes you realise that you are witnessing a true piece of cinematic beauty.

Blade Runner

Sat in his underpants and sopping wet, nail dug into one hand, dove held lovingly in the other, Roy Batty’s death speech at the end of Blade Runner is one of the most touching things I had ever seen as a teenager and it contributed massively to it becoming my favourite film. As a teenager it was the beauty of Batty’s words that used to set me off but now I’m older it’s because of how tragically short his life has been and how little he can do about it. Roy has lived his life as best he could and as he’s told “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly”, but seeing his light extinguished makes me reach for the Kleenex in ways you people wouldn’t believe. And by that, I don’t mean wanking.

Well, there it is, the films that make me blubber. Maybe it’s because I’m sensitive or maybe you all feel the same. What films make you cry? And of those that do, is it because they make you sad or happy?