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Back to LV-223: Revisiting Prometheus


*This article is (obviously) spoiler heavy* Just uttering the word Prometheus will send some into an uncontrollable rant about how Ridley Scott has lost his touch, slapped us all in the face and desecrated the Alien franchise (though to be fair, Fincher and Jeunet did a fine job of that years ago).  There will be those who thoroughly enjoyed the movie and still hold Sir Ridley – as well as… Read More »

Spoilt in Sixty Seconds: #1 – Drive


So, this week I concocted a new weekly feature. Sorry to the fans of Unscene Heroes; I’m sure you’ll both find this just as appealing. Times are changing and after nine months, I’m ready for a change as well. You know when you see that eagerly anticipated trailer for an upcoming film and watch it with the highest of anticipation? Ever recall about half way through thinking to yourself ‘this is revealing… Read More »