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Five of modern cinema’s most extreme scenes


**WARNING: THIS ARTICLE IS FOR OVER 18s ONLY** CINEMA is littered with memorable, stomach-churning scenes of violence. Take a glance into the annals of movie-making and the examples are there for all to see. From the moment Dustin Hoffman snaps in Straw Dogs to a plethora of scenes in Quentin Tarantino flicks, movie-goers with an insatiable lust for blood have plenty to satisfy them. Over the past 20-odd years it’s… Read More »

The Best of British: The Nu-Wave of Exciting UK Directors


BRITISH cinema can be an easy target – thanks, in the main, to feature films like The Sex Lives of the Potato Men or anything with Danny Dire (not a spelling mistake) in it. Thankfully, over the past 18 months or so, a handful of talented individuals have come to the fore, now seen as shining beacons in a room once shrouded in darkness. Some films released may be bleak,… Read More »