Reworking Titles is a project by graphic artist Dan Sherratt where he re-vamps and re-imagines film posters so that they become all new different levels of awesome. The posters are available to buy here.

Dan is away for the next 7 weeks and he kindly asked me to choose some of my favourites from his collection to feature on A task that I do with joy as a huge fan of Dan and his work.

Jordan’s thoughts on the poster:

So yeah, this is one of my favourites of Dan’s series. His design for the Casino poster art is so simplistic but effective, the fact that the poster would be a playing card is genius in it’s own right and if you look closely the texture is spot on. The great black and white central design made up of the three main characters in the film to look like a spade sign is beautifully done and not forgetting the splatter of blood red covering small parts of the poster that just give it that little injection of colour. A great poster for a great movie, I’m sure Scorsese would be proud.

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