Reworking Titles is a project by graphic artist Dan Sherratt where he re-vamps and re-imagines film posters so that they become all new different levels of awesome. The posters are available to buy here.

Dan is away for the next 7 weeks and he kindly asked me to choose some of my favourites from his collection to feature on  A task that I do with joy as a huge fan of Dan and his work.

Jordan’s thoughts on the poster:

I thought that this poster was a perfect choice for this week as the highly anticipated UK Blu Ray of the film was finally released.  What I love about the poster itself is that it plays with what is seen as the most famous Apocalypse Now poster, the river, the red sky, the helicopters but instead of a burning sun there’s Marlon Brando’s bald head.  It works though and if you think about it in the context of the movie, the river in the poster runs straight to Col. Kurtz.  I’m not sure if that’s exactly what Dan’s intentions were with the poster but it’s what I take away from it.