Spoilt in Sixty Seconds: #4 – Unstoppable

Unstoppable Denzel Washington

In some instances of trailers that ruin movies, it isn’t always about them inevitably revealing what happens in the end or the spelling out the massive plot twist. Sometimes a trailer can merely spoil the enjoyment one can get out of a film just by the overexposure it indulges in. Synopsis Take Unstoppable for example. Starring Denzel Washington and Chris ‘abnormally large forehead’ Pine, Tony Scott takes us on a… Read More »

Prometheus: Exclusive footage review and Q&A

Prometheus Movie

A sneaky peak at Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise with a Q&A session featuring Ridley Scott, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron EatSleepLiveFilm was lucky enough to attend an exclusive screening of new and unseen footage from the upcoming and long-awaited Prometheus. Expected to be the biggest film of 2012, director Ridley Scott (no need for the Sir, apparently) returns to one of the films that paved… Read More »

Review: Battleship (Ian’s Take)

Rihanna Battleship

The Summer Blockbuster season begins in the UK in mid-April as Universal hope for Transformers styled success with their board game adaptation Battleship. Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) is a wayward soul whose told by his brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgard) to shape up and ship out by joining him in the Navy. Gaining a position of authority but still having a lot to learn, he’s thrust into the spotlight when an… Read More »

Review: Battleship (Andy’s Take)

battleship movie 2012

Transforming a beloved board game into a movie is by no means a new thing: Clue successfully transformed Cluedo into a raucous comedy and who could forget when they turned Monopoly into There Will Be Blood? When adapting a board game to screen you’re left with a lot of empty space to fill in; board games have no character, no plot to speak of, they have a concept and certain… Read More »

Competition: Win a National Lampoon Dirty Movie T-Shirt and DVD!

dirty movie

Charlie LaRue is a cheap rate producer with a dream and that dream is a film, a film that will bring together all the most low-down, filthy, nasty, offensive jokes in one disgusting place. Welcome to National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie, a flick that doesn’t let up in its efforts to offend your sensibilities and make you lose your lunch laughing, from the people who brought you Christmas Vacation, Animal House… Read More »

UK Box Office: 6/4 – 8/4/2012


James Cameron once again proves to unsinkable, as Titanic 3D wins the Easter Weekend. 1. Titanic 3D (427 sites)W/E: £2,856,540 NEW (Includes previews) 2. The Hunger Games (514) W/E: £2,394,782 Total: £15,168,889 3. Mirror Mirror (392) W/E: £2,389,033 NEW 4. The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists (551) W/E: £2,166,162 Total: £7,716,061 5. Wrath of the Titans (473) W/E: £1,368,131 Total: £5,351,400 6. 21 Jump Street (359) W/E: £845,869 Total:… Read More »

Curzon on Demand: Is this the End of a Country Lad’s Film Release Woes?

Curzon on Demand stream

Is this the future? Cinema releases in your home whilst they are still out in theatres has been the dream of many a movie fan who’s had to sit through the annoyance of people talking or texting or even the odd loud snogging when trying to enjoy their cinematic experience. Therefore, with Curzon launching their new ‘on demand’ service, I can’t help but think that this is a big change…. Read More »

The Fifth Dan: Life Without Principle


The latest Asian movie releases. Johnnie To’s new film is the financial drama Life Without Principle, starring Denise Ho and Ching Wan Lau, and out now on Hong Kong Blu-ray and DVD. LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE Johnnie To, 2011, Hong Kong Hong Kong Blu-ray/DVD Films have always been a conduit for society’s woes, whether directly or indirectly, and over the years the state of economy has played a big part in… Read More »

Review: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Back in the dark ages of Spring 2011 the idea of two Snow White films coming out in the same year seemed both obvious and ludicrous. Of course Hollywood was going to make a Snow White film, Abortion in Wonderland had made over a billion dollars and Snow was a logical  successor. Also, Hollywood  likes to do everything in pairs so whatever failure or success meets one, the buck can… Read More »

The List: 100 best films of ’00s


The last decade of cinema has been an interesting one. The 100 films below is the most diverse of all the lists. The top ten I guessed pretty close what would be in the top ten. This time around, it’s a crazy hodge-podge of movies. The fact that two non-English films make the top ten shows how the language of cinema has matured and developed over the decades. Doing these… Read More »