Review: Iron Sky


Space Nazis are coming to attack UK cinemas for one day only as the long-in-the-making Iron Sky gets a special big-screen release. James Washington (Christopher Kirby) is a fashion model who’s sent to the Moon as part of the President’s (Stephanie Paul) campaign for re-election. When he stumbles across a secret Nazi base, he is captured and subjected to experimentation by Klaus Adler (Gotz Otto), a high ranking Officer who is… Read More »

Spoilt in Sixty Seconds: #6 – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


If you are accustomed with my past ventures into the inexplicably thoughtless world of movie trailers, you will be familiar with a number of things: in most scenarios, said trailers culminating in a mere few minutes can in fact ruin an entire 120 minute film. What’s more, it can be done in a number of despicable ways… 1)      It can spoon feed us an entire plot (usually in chronological order) in the… Read More »

Review: The Dictator

The Dictator film

Sacha Baron Cohen returns once again to the sphere of scripted comedy which he last visited, to no great success, back in 2002 with Ali G In Da House. Since then, Cohen has focused more squarely on the mockumentary, stunts and interviews, style of comedy which he refined to great effect with Borat, and then failed to improve upon with the lacklustre Bruno. With The Dictator, Cohen has made a… Read More »

Max Movie Reviews: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Your favourite Austrian-American hipster baby film critic is back! This week reviewing the comedy which seems to be starring half of Hollywood (dignity is really high in that town) What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Max is again on top form, even with him struggling with a nasty bought of gas. Enjoy!

Top 5: Brian De Palma ‘Eye Candy’ Moments


With the release of a poster and stills for his upcoming film Passion appearing yesterday, I thought I’d take a few minutes of your time and tell you some of my favourite Brian De Palma scenes. Known for his unique style, flair and flamboyance with a camera, De Palma has created many moments that stand out among the best looking in cinema history. There were many contenders for this list,… Read More »

ESLF’s Great Summer Box Office Guestimation Game Update 2: The Quickening


Well we’ve certainly got a favourite for the top grossing film this summer, and no prizes for guessing what, as the Great Summer Box Office Guestimation Game continues! Check out our contestants’ guesses here. Figures correct as of 13th May. MARVEL AVENGERS ASSEMBLE/THE AVENGERS – Worldwide Total: $1,016,095,436 Blimey. Proving just as popular worldwide as it did in the US, Avengers has crossed the threshold of being one of the truly… Read More »

The Fifth Dan: Crime Or Punishment?!?


The latest Asian movie releases. There’s crazy cops’n’robbers hijinks in the Japanese comedy Crime Or Punishment?!?, out on DVD this week from Third Window Films. CRIME OR PUNISHMENT?!? Keralino Sandorovich, 2009, Japan UK DVD (Third Window Films) Comedy comes in many different flavours, and is perhaps the hardest film genre to get right. It’s also the genre that travels the least well – while an effective horror film or thriller… Read More »

UK Box Office: 11/5 – 13/5/2012

Avengers Assemble

Marvel’s superheroes see off the on-paper hot combination of a vampiric Johnny Depp in another busy week at the UK Box Office. 1. Avengers Assemble (498 sites) W/E: £4,169,087 Total: £40,279,282 2. American Pie: Reunion (487) W/E: £2,546,626 Total: £12,208,052 3. Dark Shadows (510) W/E: £2,404,029 NEW 4. The Lucky One (365) W/E: £431,576 Total: £2,311,538 5. Beauty and the Beast 3D (380) W/E: £422,924 Total: £1,837,991 6. Safe (290) W/E: £298,201 Total: £1,552,728 7. Salmon Fishing in… Read More »

The ESLF Miscellany: Look, See…

Jedd Bridges The Dude

A picture paints a thousand words. Of course, in film there are 24 pictures to every second, 1,440 a minute, so if each of these tells a thousand words then every film is a series of novels. In just one of these frames and actor can enlighten, educate and entertain, giving us an insight into their character that no amount of dialogue could achieve. For this month’s (belated) Staff Miscellany,… Read More »

Competition: Win an Exclusive ‘Limited Edition’ The Raid kit bag!


The Raid – ‘The Action Movie of the Year’ (The Guardian Guide) breaks out across over 290 cinemas on 18th May starring martial arts sensation Iko Uwais as he takes on a tower block rammed with bad guys and decimates them in a style that is nothing short of breath-taking. What we have for you is a limited edition ‘money can’t buy’ The Raid bag to offer one lucky winner,… Read More »