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Popular Poker Scenes in Movies


Various casino games have played an important part in movie plots. When looking at these scenes, the game of poker appears the most often. The game has been around for a long time which has lead to numerous variations being created. Given this history, poker is easily worked into movies with various time periods and settings. For instance, movies set in the Old West often feature poker in some capacity…. Read More »

From Chinese Restaurants To Sewer Pizza: Top 10 Film Foods

Pulp Fiction Burger

The history of cinema is stuffed full of dinners and banquets – some to set your mouth watering, others with ingredients that could turn the stomachs of even the hardiest diner. We’ve picked our top ten favourite film food moments from the menu, avoiding the horrific, the gory and the obscene (and believe us – there are many). What you are left with are ten of the tastiest treats on… Read More »

10 Utterly Mind Blowing Film Fan Theories


There is nothing more contentious than an ambiguous film, one that provokes discussion and provides numerous theories into the true meaning of what was represented. While some theories can be brushed aside with pure logic, others can take a diverse form of their own and provide a stark clarity to a differing perspective you may have held. The theories I will present have all been debated by fans and each… Read More »

9 Terrible Movies That Ruined Promising Careers

Green Lantern

As I’m sure many, many out of work actors will tell us, there are way too many of them in total for the amount of big parts around- especially in movies, since it’s so much safer to make big budget films with actors that we already love and want to see again. It’s the same for directors- they need to be trusted with an awful lot of money, so if… Read More »

10 Identical Movies Unbelievably Released At The Same Time


Tell me if this movie plot sounds familiar? Terrorists take over the White House and it is up to a hunky secret service man to not only save the President but the day. You answer, why it’s White House Down… while another might answer Olympus has Fallen. Who is right? Why they both are. What makes those two movies unique is they join the ranks of Deep Impact and Armageddon… Read More »

25 Perfect Movies For A Poker Movie Marathon


If you think you can get with the ladies like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, you probably can, if you devote yourself to playing poker and donning a designer suit. With the recent poker boom in the last decade, many players around the world are getting into the game by joining professional tournaments such as the partypoker World Series of Poker and The European Poker Tour among many others. Glamorised… Read More »

10 Worst Actresses Working Today


Proving that you don’t need to talent to make in the “Business,”  these ten women have shot to the top of the heap relying on little more than being a pretty face.  Most have one or two hits that have made them look good, but their true face peeks out more often than not with one horrible film after another.  Just because you have big boobies and pretty face doesn’t… Read More »

LFF 2012 Review: Laurence Anyways


No-one shoots beautiful, ‘troubled’ people with great hair (in slow-motion, to electronica) quite like Xavier Dolan. For this and other affectations, the young Quebec auteur inspires devotion and derision in equal measure. Incredibly he’s only 23 years old, yet Laurence Anyways is his third feature and another Cannes prize-winner. The most exciting young filmmaker in the world today? Possibly. A great director? No, not yet, but this is a major… Read More »

Festival round-up: Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2012


Now in its fourth year, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival is both an eight-day international movie event and a celebration of the year-round work of the region’s film institute, which is engaged in an ambitious mission to build a sustainable industry through nurturing local talent. Fortunate enough to attend this year and, having already seen many of the festivals glossier, high-profile US and other world cinema entries, I set about… Read More »

Disaster on the screen: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen


IT’S part three of my look at films that have failed to set the box office alight. After focusing on the abomination that is Battlefield Earth and the brilliance of John Carter, I turn my attention to a film – and a director – famous for being as odd as it is entertaining. TERRY GILLIAM has always been a director with a grand vision. His films rarely have the look… Read More »