EatSleepLiveFilm is the UK’s premium FilmBlog, even though this site is still very much in its infancy it has had quite an eventful past.  Back in the Winter of 2008 three friends and self confessed geeks decided that they weren’t going to keep their strong feelings on their favourite subjects to themselves any more and created a Blog where they could vent their anger, frustration and love about the things that makes us geeks tick. Therefore was born, a blog dedicated to everything geek.  We had all the latest news, reviews and articles on Film, Video Games, Comics and Music.

But in June of 2009 went through a redesign not only in the look of the site but also their mission statement.  From that monumental day in internet history therattle became a exclusive FilmBlog and began to take the world by storm.  Shortly after it’s weekly podcast 35mm Heroes sparked into life where myself, Ian and Noel flood the airwaves each week with our vast knowledge and strong opinions on everything that is going on in film that week.

At the end of 2009 therattle would go through another massive change as it gave birth to EatSleepLiveFilm, same people new site.  I really hope you enjoy our little site and return to it for you film needs over and over again.  If you wish to contact you can do so at [email protected]

In January 2011, EatSleepLiveFilm was crowned ‘Best Overall Blog’ in the Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011.

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So lets meet the team:


Well, first things first.  Watching movies isn’t just a hobby for me, it’s a passion.  Like many out there I dreamed of being a Director, then I realised I wasn’t talented enough to do that.  Then I wanted to be a screenwriter before releasing I wasn’t talented enough to do that. So I thought I’d give writing about movies a go and finally found my calling. I started this site for myself and like minded film enthusiasts to have a forum where they can voice their opinions to the world. Favourite movies include The Breakfast Club, Alien, The Apartment, Almost Famous, too many to mention really.



I’m Managing Editor of this fine site you are currently reading, trying to lend a firm but fair hand to this group of reprobates we have here. Often found babbling about the merits of Sunshine or as I call it the best film of all time, I occasionally manage to wake from my stupor to write up reviews, box office and new Blu-Ray articles before going back to watching as many films as I can get my grubby mitts on.



Writing and editing for EatSleepLiveFilm, I’m proud to say I’ve watched this fair site grow from a seed in Mr McGrath’s mind into a fully-fledged dysfunctional family. I’m also something of a VHS enthusiast and am trying to get my book, Adventures in VHS, published in 2012 – which you can help me with by adding a ‘like’ to this page. Favourite films? Oh, way too many but 80s horror and modern independent cinema is usually where I find my biggest kicks. I’m also currently moderating a site about the Horror Movie Empire debacle!



I first began writing about movies way back in the early 90s when, still at school, I launched the horror fanzine Ooh My Brain Hurts with a group of like-minded friends. A decade of writing for various zines and websites followed, and in 2005 I began co-hosting the cult film podcast Mondo Movie after six years and more than 100 episodes, myself and co-host Ben Howard decided to take a break in January ’11.  My cinematic tastes veer towards the dark, the strange and obscure I love the classics, American indie cinema and the rare occasion that Hollywood gets it right, but horror, trash, sleaze and exploitation are my true movie love. Or to put it another way: there’s no film that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of an exploding head or kung fu zombie.



Writer, filmmaker and blogger based in London. I’ve written about film at various places over the last decade and a half – including the Camden New Journal and Empire magazine as well as various websites. I also contributed to the book ‘Cinema’s Strangest Moments’ and am the writer/director of ‘The Initiation’ (2008), a short horror film which played festivals in the UK and Europe and can be seen on YouTube. I have a wide taste in cinema, but particularly love 70s westerns, horror and cult movies.



Rob Keeling is a freelance writer and film fanatic based in Manchester. He completed his Masters degree in Screen Studies at the University of Manchester and since then has written extensively on all matters cinematic. Loves Casablanca, Goodfellas, This is Spinal Tap and High Fidelity and something cool, foreign and arty that he can’t place right now. Secretly I dream of working in the West Wing, but I have too much difficulty walking and talking at the same time. As well as contributing to various blogs, website and magazines, he also has his own blog Cinema Paradiso.



Stefan Halley has been writing about movies for 10 years. He currently resides in Sweden, which he calls Little America. You can find him at where he talks about social media marketing each week.



A trained journalist in Glasgow, I’ve worked in almost every department of local & national newspapers – from subbing and writing to, currently, online. I’ve been a fan of films since Robocop left me stunned as a kid and An American Werewolf in London gave me nightmares – yes, my parents let me watch films I was too young to see. My tastes range from horror and sci-fi to drama and foreign-language. Citing American History X as my top film of all time, I’m quick to give my opinion on movie matters and slow to back down when involved in debate.



I’ve been a lover of all things film for as long as I care to remember. I always struggle to pin down a consistent top 5, so let’s just say that I love everything from Reservoir Dogs to The Truman Show, The Secret in their Eyes to Jurassic Park, Dial M for Murder to Die Hard, The Troll Hunter to Battle Royale via Death Race 2000, Kick-Ass, The King of Comedy and this list is looking pretty endless so I’m going to put a stop to it there – besides, you shouldn’t be reading this, you should be reading all the work of the talented writers listed here around me! So get reading!



Like a lot of people my age I became interesting in movies when I first saw Jurassic Park at the cinema. At 16, whilst on an IT course at college, I decided I wanted to make movies and joined a media course. Nine years and one BA (Hons) in Film & Video later I’m now an award winning short film writer looking to move on to features and a career in comedy writing. I love to watch, write and write about movies. My favourite film is Blade Runner.



Publicist by day, movie addict by night. Film runs through my veins like the sweet rush of that tenth pint. I’m 25, live and work in London but hail from the Westcountry. I enjoy my films dark like my ale and can stomach more gore than a team of MMA fighters. Open to discussions about anything and everything. You can email me at [email protected]



Mike is a freelance film critic, script writer & director, earning a Masters in Fiction Film Production in 2010. An HD snob by nature, he enjoys anime & science-fiction. His favourite trilogy (without question) is Toy Story. Mike can also be found at his film site, The Littlest Picture Show.



Hello Internet! Glad you stopped by. I am normal human male Adam Brodie, self-styled Weird Fiction Critic, and certainly not some sort of tentacled monster in a cunningly constructed skinsuit. They’re actually cartilaginous phalanges. With said mighty appendages, I write reviews/features for ESLF on the stranger things spat out by the maelstrom of human culture.