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April, 2011

Week in Headlines: 23/04/2011 – 29/04/2011


So what does this week’s film news have in store for us? Well, we might have a Lone Ranger, Arnie could be donning those iconic shades and leather jacket again and a couple of interesting trailers. So without wasting anymore of your time reading the small talk let’s get right into it. So it seems that Armie Hammer could be very close to getting into the saddle of The Lone… Read More »

Strong Women In Film


Recently, there have been a couple of movies (not naming any names) that caused a lot of debate over female characters, and what the difference is between a truly strong female character and one that appears strong at first, but doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. And, what criteria do we use? I’ve decided to pick a few of my favorites. This list is by no means all inclusive, one could… Read More »

Thoughts on Women as Cinemagoers

He's Just Not That Into You

Film is a terrible industry for women: as writers, directors, critics, actors, viewers… What will it take to see some genuine role models up on the big screen? I’ve written before about female critics and directors but this week I want to focus on women as cinemagoers. Not just in terms of the kinds of films they see but the different ways women are represented in such films. I try… Read More »

Directorial Debuts #2: Quentin Tarantino


When it comes to debutant directors, you might not get better than Quentin Tarantino, whose 1992 film Reservoir Dogs is still seen as one of his highest quality pieces of work, and one of the best film of the 1990s. The film was made on modest resources, that is when you discount the phenomenal acting talent at Tarantino’s disposal: Harvey Keitel, Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn –… Read More »

Review: Insidious


In these times of horror sequels, prequels and remakes, have the creators of “Saw”, James Wan and Leigh Whannel, produced something truly original? No, but it will scare the living crap out of you. Josh and Renai Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, and their three children have just moved into a new house, a house that’s almost too perfectly normal for a horror film. On their second… Read More »

Trailer Talk: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Life in a Day and 30 Minutes or Less

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

So this week has given a few interesting trailers to discuss, we have the end of 8 film series, a well buzzed documentary and Jesse Eisenberg retuning to the big screen after is Academy Award nominated performance. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2   This is the moment all you Potter fans have been waiting for. The trailer to the final chapter is here, and it’s pretty goddamn… Read More »

Review: Cedar Rapids


You’ll struggle to find a more insubstantial film than “Cedar Rapids” this year, a well cast but weakly stitched together comedy that encourages yawning over laughter. With talented comedic actors like Ed Helms and John C. Reilly onboard a couple of good gags were inevitable, but for an 87 minute diversion the picture drags at an excruciating rate. A well intentioned insurance salesman, Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) has never left… Read More »

(re)working titles: the thing


Reworking Titles is a project by graphic artist Dan Sherratt where he re-vamps and re-imagines film posters so that they become all new different levels of awesome. Dan’s thoughts on this poster: I did a bit of background reading into ‘The Thing’ after watching it and there is an alternative ending that I thought would have worked really well, I took this into account when I came up with the… Read More »

UK Box Office: 22/4 – 24/4/11


The box office engines revved for one particular film this weekend while everything else appears to have stalled. 1. Fast & Furious 5 (437) W/E: £5,332,096 437 sites NEW – Includes Thurs previews 2. Rio (519) W/E: £886,669 Total: £8,017,662 3. Arthur (434) W/E: £764,468 NEW 4. Scream 4 (415) W/E: £730,963 Total: £4,046,069 5. Beastly (250) £553,069 NEW – Includes Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs previews 6. Hop (492) W/E: £466,676 Total: £5,940,142… Read More »

Film7070: Sunset Boulevard (1950)


I kick off the 50′s with a so called classic, Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard is a film that I’ve heard much about but never got round to watching so let’s see if the 1950′s can clear the very high bar set by the decade that preceded it. When struggling writer Joe Gillis (William Holden) flees from some Bailiff’s trying to take his car because of debts he hides in the… Read More »