They’ve been making movies for over 100 years and every year they make a dozens of horrible movie posters. It almost impossible to produce a definitive list of horrible movie posters. The list could go on and on. I don’t think this is an absolute list but the first several versions of this list.

The cheapness of Hollywood knows no bounds and skipping on poster art seems be one of the first steps.


10. Day of the Dolphin

Day of the Dolphin

To be honest, the post itself is pretty cool. What makes it horrible is the post completely mis-sells the movie. The poster isn’t half as interesting as the movie makes it out to be.


9. The King’s Speech

the King's speech poster

The poster makes The King’s Speech look like a zany comedy.  Sadly, we know the film is just as forgettable as its horrible poster.


8. Venus

venus poster

Despite the look on the poster, this isn’t a horror movie. Easily one of the creepiest posters ever created for a film about two elderly actors that meet a brash teenager.


7. Kazaam


Guess who likes purple? Kazaam


6. Toothfairy

the tooth fairy

It takes a special kind of bad to make you lose all respect for an actor. The Tooth Fairy tells you that no matter what The Rock does from here, he probably can’t get much lower than this.


5. Pretty Maids All in a Row

pretty maids all in a row

Pretty Maids All in a Row has the unique distinction of being one of the only movie posters to spoil the ending of the film. The film is a cross between American Pie and a slasher thriller, only the poster tells you who the killer is. SURPRISE!


4. Extraordinary Measures

extraordinary measures

If I was the person that designed this poster, I would feel bad that I took money for it. The sad part is the movie is just a bland as the poster, so in that case, the poster works pretty well.


3. X-Men: First Class


This is the poster that inspired this list. The X-Men movie posters have always been rather lacking but this takes lazy to a whole new level.  To make it even worse, the other poster sets for X-Men: First Class are some of the best of any comic book movie.


2. Sex and the City 2


Coming in at #2 is Sex and the City 2. The airbrush artist worked overtime on this poster. So much photoshop has been used on this poster that if you didn’t know who the stars are, you wouldn’t be able to figure it out by the poster. Seriously, Kim Cattrall looks about 20 and Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose looks twice as big as normal.


#1 Top Dog

top dog

Shame on you, Chuck Norris deserves better.

What are the worst movie posters you’ve ever seen?